Board of Directors

Jessica Aaron, MSW, President

Jessica Aaron is a former special assistant in the Commissioner’s office at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). She previously worked in the Division of Policy and Planning at ACS and at the Agenda for Children Tomorrow. Jessica is currently Vice President, and previously served as President and Chair, of the Citizen's Committee for Children, a non-profit child advocacy organization. Jessica’s work with CASA began when she served as a Social Work intern during her time at the Columbia University School of Social Work. During Jessica’s internship, she founded and chaired the CASA Junior Board which raised $60,000 for CASA in its first year. Since then, Jessica has devoted her career to bettering the lives of children in the New York City foster care system. Jessica is a graduate of Clemson University and the Columbia University School of Social Work. Jessica has been a devoted member of the Board of Directors since 2009.


Kathryn Conroy, DSW, Vice President
Kimberly Summe, Esq., Vice President
Shelley K. Rapp, MBA, Secretary
Ellan Ben-Hayon, CPA, Treasurer

Steven L. Avary, MBA
Joe Azelby, MBA
Heather Benn
Laura Busker, MBA
Leah Coakley
Ailsa Fox, LMSW
Jennifer Friedland, Esq.
Danielle V. Greenberg
Merritt K. Greene, MBA
Douglas C. Grossberg, MBA
Vikram Kumar, J.D. 
Julianne Kwon, Esq. 
Mark S. Lafayette, Esq. 
Kathleen Maloney, MPA
Hedy Matteson
Brenda G. McGowan, Ph.D
Frances Reilly
Janette Smith-Foster
Julie A. Safer
Bree Sheahan

Charell Star
Jami Mills Vibbert, Esq.

Associate Board

Khaila Ross, Co-Chair
Barry Queen, Jr., Co-Chair
Hanna Reyes, Operations Committee Chair
Saron Strait, Membership Committee Chair
Lauren Yaconis, Benefit Committee Chair

Alicia Bartley
Melissa Cohen
Natalie Conboy
Carli Costello
Rebecca Darugar
Veni Dehir
Victoria Finocchiaro
Nicole Gentiella
Catherine Kolimas
Kiva LaTouche
Julia Massa
Jennifer Okereke
Eric Ruden
Nikki Schlecker
Yasmine Scott
Acholi Southerland
Kiley Zeiler